Investment Advisory

We provide a wide range of investment advisory services related to real estate. Our key investment strategy is “Optimization of Market Gap.”

In today’s competitive market securing attractive investment opportunities is getting harder than before. We aim to achieve attractive returns by first conducting through macro-analysis to spot market gap and constructing tactical investment strategy to fill in such gap followed with execution.

We value our fiduciary obligations in servicing our clients and ensure top-notch advisory service with in-depth market knowledge and expertise.

Socially Responsible Investments

Our mission includes serving the society through the form of investment activities. That is why we are committed in making socially responsible investments as part of our initiatives.

Currently, we are working on preserving Japanese traditional architectures, so-called “Kyo-Machiya.” The number of Kyo-Machiya houses has declined by nearly 12% in the last 7 years alone.

To pass on the traditions of our culture to the next generations we are acquiring to rescue these intangible assets that are on the brink of extinction. To view our historical investments, please refer to the following link.

SRI Track Record>


Given its size of the economy, Japan still remains very low in both market and service transparency for real estate. In order to tackle this issue through technological improvement we set up a new business arm in the field of property technology (Prop-Tech). We are currently developing a new web-based information platform to improve its transparency and efficiency of home search.

For details of the Prop-Tech business please contact us through e-mail inquiry.