Track Record

千本出水 京町家

Senbon-Demizu Kyo-Machiya

  • Property Summary
    We acquired a 80-year-old beautiful Kyo-Machiya that could possibly be demolished and was under-valued in the market. By finding a long-term holder we were able to preserve one more Kyo-Machiya.
  • Investment Strategy
    Asset Arbitrage
東山三条 一棟旅館

Higashiyama Ryokan Hotel

  • Property Summary
    We converted a well-situated Japanese residence built in a traditional architectural form to a Ryokan, a licensed limited service hotel. Since its opening in May 2017 the property has hosted hundreds of guests and revived as a key tourist hub for both domestic and inbound travelers in Kyoto.
  • Investment Strategy
    Asset Repositioning