Strengths &


  • チャートのアイコン
    Capable of own macro-economy analysis based on global market view
  • 頭脳のアイコン
    In-depth knowledge and expertise in real estate finance and investment
  • 傘を差し出す人のアイコン
    Standing side-by-side with investors valuing fiduciary obligations
  • 肩を組む人のアイコン
    Full-spec investment service from sourcing, execution and management
  • 光る電球のアイコン
    Solution-oriented mind on abstract investment obstacles
  • 人脈のアイコン
    Wide network and communication channels to global investment universe
  • 工具のアイコン
    Capable of building comprehensive investment analysis modeling
  • 地球のアイコン
    Uniqueness of Kyoto-based global advisor
  • 英語を話す人のアイコン
    Capable of performing documentations and negotiations in both English and Japanese